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Spring Awakening Smoothie Modified

We subscribe to smoothies through Green Blender. They send us 5 different smoothies (which I can pick out of 10 options). So far I’ve loved the company. The packaging is recyclable (score!) and the fruits and veggies are usually organic. Every Wednesday, we get a box with 5 pre-
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Does Logging Your Food Really Work?

Food logging. You may have heard people talking about it, or you may have even tried it yourself with mixed feelings. Food logging can potentially be a tedious process and even a little stressful for some. But, is food logging worth the time? Here is one scenario that happens a lot, a
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8 Tips To Drinking More Water

Importance of Water in our diet One thing that can be inhibiting your weight loss is hydration. We need water to convert fat to glucose for energy for metabolic purposes for optimal performance body temperature regulation Basically we need a lot of water!! If you aren’t drinking
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Debunking Myths: Fat makes you Fat?

Debunking Myths: Fat makes you Fat? This is FALSE. We need fat in our diets to live and function as much as we need water. Fats helps us to: Absorb certain nutrients Maintain core body temperature Aids in decreasing the risk of high cholesterol. It’s a heart helping tool At a minimum,
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Debunking Myths: Carbs are bad

Debunking Myths: Carbs are bad.     This is FALSE. Carbs are one of the 3 macro nutrients that we need every single day. Our bodies require all 3 every day. They are: carbohydrates, fats, & protein. Some people will cut out carbs for quick weight loss but this is unsusta
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Berry Smoothie Recipe

Berry Protein Smoothie Mornings can be a little rushed…getting out of the house on time can be a struggle, let alone having the time for a healthy breakfast. Invest in a simple blender like the Nutribullet, small and compact, easy to travel with, and super fast. Not to mention, it tak
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Healthy Snack Options Made Easy

Snacking can be healthy…as long as you know how to snack! We recommend our clients eat 3 meals per day plus 2 small snacks in between meals. Why? Not only does a healthy snack fuel your body before a workout, it also helps keep your blood sugar levels steady in between meals, and help
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Debbie Taylor – Nutrition Success

I had reservations about CrossFit due to: previous injuries/surgeries as well as my age. The Coaches, Quincy & Victor, made modifications as necessary along the way to keep me safe, yet challenged me enough to help me realize I could do more than I thought I could. My goals were t
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