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3 Kitchen Tools that are Live Savers

These 3 kitchen tools will help you to eating healthier. We are always about making our lives easier and help us to stay on track with our nutrition goals. Muffin Tin We won’t be making muffins with these but they can be used to help with portion control. Egg muffins: basically
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8 Tips To Drinking More Water

Importance of Water in our diet One thing that can be inhibiting your weight loss is hydration. We need water to convert fat to glucose for energy for metabolic purposes for optimal performance body temperature regulation Basically we need a lot of water!! If you aren’t drinking
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Debunking Myths: Fat makes you Fat?

Debunking Myths: Fat makes you Fat? This is FALSE. We need fat in our diets to live and function as much as we need water. Fats helps us to: Absorb certain nutrients Maintain core body temperature Aids in decreasing the risk of high cholesterol. It’s a heart helping tool At a minimum,
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Berry Smoothie Recipe

Berry Protein Smoothie Mornings can be a little rushed…getting out of the house on time can be a struggle, let alone having the time for a healthy breakfast. Invest in a simple blender like the Nutribullet, small and compact, easy to travel with, and super fast. Not to mention, it tak
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