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Joseph Romero

I was always overweight growing up, from the time I was in elementary school, through high school. But yet I was still very active and Athletic participating in football, baseball and basketball. Going into my freshman year at Texas State the weight began to pile on. By my sophomore y
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eek… CrossFit!!

CrossFit can be intimidating. My first to CrossFit, I drove up 3 times before actually getting out of the car (thankfully, I had time to spare). I was having a mental conversation with myself trying to convince myself to turn around. I had all kinds of excuses. “I don’t ha
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Integrity when you Wod ?

Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. This of course can and should be applied to everything we do in life including our daily WOD. Most of us have come across a situation in which maybe you were competing with a friend and both of you
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Mike and Nancy Ray

Nancy and I are charter members of CrossFit Hays, signing up in February 2012 when it began as a bootcamp on the blacktop behind a fitness gym in Buda. Since CrossFit Hays moved to its current location in October 2012, we go to the box as many days a week as we possibly can (typically
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