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Success Stories

Ronica Arias

In 2013, I walked into a CrossFit box with the expectation that I was not strong enough or in shape enough to keep at it longer then two weeks. I honestly thought I was going to hate every minute of it as I hated all forms of exercise. I was 29 years old but stiff and out of shape. Ev
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Joseph Romero

I was always overweight growing up, from the time I was in elementary school, through high school. But yet I was still very active and Athletic participating in football, baseball and basketball. Going into my freshman year at Texas State the weight began to pile on. By my sophomore y
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Mike and Nancy Ray

Nancy and I are charter members of CrossFit Hays, signing up in February 2012 when it began as a bootcamp on the blacktop behind a fitness gym in Buda. Since CrossFit Hays moved to its current location in October 2012, we go to the box as many days a week as we possibly can (typically
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Sheryl Musick

When I started my weight loss journey on January 1, 2013 I knew it was going to be a long road for me. I had become an empty nester, my marriage was falling apart and I had ballooned to 170 pounds on my 5’7″ frame. I was wearing a size 14 clothes, larger than what I wore w
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Josh Price

I had the privilege of training under Coach Wayne at TexFit CrossFit for about a year and loved it. He always kept the mood light but also was about getting down to business and making us better not just at CrossFit, but at life. One of my favorite things about his coaching was his at
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Richard Lara

I’ve always been the skinny guy, but never the fit guy. In high school I couldn’t do a single pull-up regardless of how hard I tried. When I started CrossFit in 2011, I could barely do a front squat, with correct form, holding a PVC pipe. Now I can load up 185lbs and 5 mon
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I decided to try CrossFit a little over a year ago after complaining about being out of shape for quite some time. I’m a mother of two with a very busy work and home life schedule and my workouts had been on the back burner for too long. I was over spending hours in the gym on t
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James Austin

So as a lot of my friends and family know, since I was 17 I have been fighting high blood pressure. The doctors have all told me its just genetics and my body. Since then I have been on medication. I told myself when I moved to Texas, the hell with that. I control my body. Honestly, s
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