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7ec49f69a8e9f56dc6d791282240c75bI had the privilege of training under Coach Wayne at TexFit CrossFit for about a year and loved it. He always kept the mood light but also was about getting down to business and making us better not just at CrossFit, but at life. One of my favorite things about his coaching was his attention to mobility and injury prevention. We ALWAYS did a dynamic stretching and warm up before the WOD which a LOT of coaches simply do not do! This in my opinion is more important than doing the WOD itself. I HIGHLY recommend training at CrossFit Hays. I am moving to California and will surely miss Coach Wayne! My favorite WOD was the opening weekend WOD we did at the boot camp Hays CrossFit in the rain! It was a chipper of 10 squat cleans at 135lb., 25 wall balls (20 lb. ball), 30 double unders, 30 box jumps at 30″, 30 hand release push-ups, 30 sit ups!…I remember it was one of the turning points in my CrossFit journey when I competed so hard I almost passed out. Since I had that feeling, I go at least that hard every time. Coach Wayne definitely gives a motivating atmosphere!

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