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In 2013, I walked into a CrossFit box with the expectation that I was not strong enough or in shape enough to keep at it longer then two weeks. I honestly thought I was going to hate every minute of it as I hated all forms of exercise. I was 29 years old but stiff and out of shape. Everything hurt when I tried to run, squat, or lunge. I knew there was no way CrossFit was going to work for me! I surprised myself when I didn’t end up hating it right away, it was hard and I struggled but I was actually enjoying the workouts and seeing improvement in my mobility and flexibility. I had to take time off from CrossFit because of injuries due to a car accident but in January 2015 I found my way to CrossFit Hays. I was still healing from injuries and was not even sure if I still wanted to CrossFit. I ended up coming back the next day and have been so happy ever since. Hays has given me more confidence in my abilities then I had before, and I have become stronger both mentally and physically in the past couple of months. In mid January I went to the BarBells Club. The second class, I hit my PR on my Power Clean. A movement I have always struggled with! It wasn’t pretty and I struggled…but I did it. With the help of all the Hays coaches, but especially my BBC Jami Mendoza, I was able to hit five reps in a row at five lbs heavier then January’s one rep max. With much better form and technique. Hard work, determination and great coaching pay off!

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