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1f256e4a21f0956afb5f3c7b3f1b277eSo as a lot of my friends and family know, since I was 17 I have been fighting high blood pressure. The doctors have all told me its just genetics and my body. Since then I have been on medication. I told myself when I moved to Texas, the hell with that. I control my body. Honestly, since I started at CrossFit Hays, I haven’t checked my blood pressure much, nor have I been on my medication (for almost 8 months now). Today, I did. It was perfectly normal, and on top of that, my heart rate, non-resting because I was out and about running errands was a pretty low 53. I want to particularly thank Coach Wayne and CrossFit Hays for showing me that it takes nothing more than dedication to a healthy and active lifestyle to stay healthy and happy. Walking into that gym and meeting Coach Wayne was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thanks Wayne!!!

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