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Brace Yourselves. Test Week is Coming.

It’s that time of year again! One-Rep Max Testing! We are really amped to provide you all with the opportunity to test your 1 RM, and have a tangible number to work off of for the next few months of training.

However, it is also a very intense form of lifting, and because it is literally the most you can lift in one attempt, it is important that you all take the necessary precautions to ensure you get the most out of this, and also stay healthy.

  1. NEVER sacrifice form to get a PR. If you are sacrificing form substantially, than it probably shouldn’t even count…so continue to perform the movements as we’ve all been taught.
  2. A one-rep max lift is a bit different than a “set” of lifting, as far as the mental approach. It is only about 3 seconds long, so you can provide extreme focus and energy towards the barbell. As you approach the barbell, get a bit riled up. Think about something to get the adrenaline going, and when you approach, that is your “work zone.”
  3. Make sure to take a massive deep breath before the lift, and hold it throughout the difficult portion of the lift. This will give you increased strength by proving a belt of air and stability throughout your core.
  4. For safety, you should implement a “three miss” rule. Basically, it just means that if you miss any weight 3 times, it’s time to move to the next exercise and call it a day for that movement test.
  5. If there is ANYTHING that you are hesitant about, or have any variety of questions for the coaches, please do not hesitate to ask them.


If anyone thinks they might not get a good workout…I promise you will think differently, afterwards. The level of fatigue is extremely large for 1RM efforts. Think about it, you are literally trying to lift something so heavy that you “might” be able to do it once. It is important that you eat well post workout, and prioritize recovery, so that you can come back and do it again a couple days later. The goal of this week is for you to lift as much weight as possible, and exerting unnecessary energy on too much additional work, will diminish some of your potential on the lift.

Knowing these numbers will be a great tool for the next cycle of training, we are really amped to watch you guys shatter old PR’s and set new PR’s over the course of this next week!

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