When I started my weight loss journey on January 1, 2013 I knew it was going to be a long road for me. I had become an empty nester, my marriage was falling apart and I had ballooned to 170 pounds on my 5'7" frame.  I was wearing a size 14 clothes, larger than what I wore when I was pregnant with either of my boys. I started the Paleo diet January 1st along with my own exercise program and running.  My first month I lost 10lbs. I was ecstatic! As February and March went by the weight loss decreased and by the end of March I had lost a total of 22lbs but only dropped in clothes size down to a size 10. My friend Dena Anderson started talking about this place called CrossFit Hays.  I have always been active in my life doing triathlons and I even adventure raced for years so it sounded appealing to me. So, on April 1, 2013 I joined CrossFit Hays.  I knew I still had 13 lbs to lose to reach my personal goal of 35 lbs lost but losing weight had slowed down a lot with just what I was doing for the last 3 months. I knew I would probably lose the 13 lbs but I had no idea what else I would lose and what I would gain.

By the end of July I had lost all 13 lbs AND an unbelievable amount of inches.  I had gone from that size 10 to a size 7.  August rolled by and every time I turned around I was going back to the store for smaller jeans.  At the end of September I was officially a size 5.  I have since even bought a few 4's, but now at age 52 I can shop in the juniors department and fit into a 5 no problem (junior clothes are way cuter than misses lol). 

What did I gain you ask?  I gained some amazing friends, Jennie, T, Chris, Lauren and a phenomenal coach named Wayne Hamilton who pushed me to be better than I was.  I also gained an amazing amount of self worth, confidence, and strength. I look forward to continuing my journey with CrossFit Hays. I am excited about the future and where it will take me.

Sheryl Musick

Price Push Up

I had the privilege of training under Coach Wayne at TexFit CrossFit for about a year and loved it. He always kept the mood light but also was about getting down to business and making us better not just at CrossFit, but at life. One of my favorite things about his coaching was his attention to mobility and injury prevention. We ALWAYS did a dynamic stretching and warm up before the WOD which a LOT of coaches simply do not do! This in my opinion is more important than doing the WOD itself. I HIGHLY recommend training at CrossFit Hays. I am moving to California and will surely miss Coach Wayne! My favorite WOD was the opening weekend WOD we did at the boot camp Hays CrossFit in the rain! It was a chipper of 10 squat cleans at 135lb., 25 wall balls (20 lb. ball), 30 double unders, 30 box jumps at 30", 30 hand release push-ups, 30 sit ups!...I remember it was one of the turning points in my CrossFit journey when I competed so hard I almost passed out. Since I had that feeling, I go at least that hard every time. Coach Wayne definitely gives a motivating atmosphere!

-Josh Price

Lara Pic

I've always been the skinny guy, but never the fit guy. In high school I couldn't do a single pull-up regardless of how hard I tried. When I started CrossFit in 2011, I could barely do a front squat, with correct form, holding a PVC pipe. Now I can load up 185lbs and 5 months ago I did 100 pull-ups with a 20lb vest strapped to my chest, and I also ran 2 miles, did 200 push-ups, and 300 air squats. I never thought that would have been possible ten years ago, or even two. I have been a part of the CrossFit family for a year and a half now, and a major contribution to my progress has been the guidance of my coaches. They are invaluable tools for success, and Coach Wayne is one of the best.
I could give you story after story of new personal records in weights and times, and Coach Wayne has monitored, corrected, and perfected my techniques plenty of times, but the story that sticks out most was his dedication to working with my diet. He took time outside of class to print out information on how to improve my performances in the gym and spent time after class ensuring that I understood all the details of the diet. This becomes a much bigger task because I am a vegetarian and needed to find high quality proteins outside of meats. In one month I dropped from 135lbs to 125lbs while my maxes in the front, back, and overhead squats all went up. This is the kind of dedication that Wayne gives daily.
He is an excellent motivator during the workouts, and some days it was exactly what I needed to make it through the workout. I really can't say enough about his level of commitment to his practice, but in reality the only way to understand is to be a part of the CrossFit family. If you give it an honest effort with an open mind, you won't believe what gains you will make. I know I couldn't, and neither did my family.
Richard Lara

AJ atlas stone

I decided to try Crossfit a little over a year ago after complaining about being out of shape for quite some time.  I'm a mother of two with a very busy work and home life schedule and my workouts had been on the back burner for too long.  I was over spending hours in the gym on the "dreadmill" and wanted something I could really believe in and commit to.

So I joined Texfit Crossfit in Round Rock and my first few months were very challenging and I thought of quitting A LOT!  Then I decided to try the Tuesday afternoon class & that's where I met Coach Wayne.  He changed everything! No lie!!

He always kept me in check, constantly working to tweak my technique, prevent injuries, and motivating me to do more than I ever thought I could.  I literally got to a point where I'd look to him before every WOD to ask what he thought I could do because I had learned to trust his instincts and guidance.

A year later and I've taken more than 10 years off of my metabolic age.  I can deadlift 225lbs, do double unders and string together reps of toe to bar!  I am constantly learning new things and I love my new muscular physique.  I'm not done yet but without Coach Wayne I could not have gotten this far.  I still hear his voice in my head when I'm in need of some "mid-WOD" encouragement & I'd say to RUN to Crossfit Hays to hear and see it in person!


So as a lot of my friends and family know, since I was 17 I have been fighting high blood pressure. The doctors have all told me its just genetics and my body. Since then I have been on medication. I told myself when I moved to Texas, the hell with that. I control my body. Honestly, since I started at CrossFit Hays, I haven't checked my blood pressure much, nor have I been on my medication (for almost 8 months now). Today, I did. It was perfectly normal, and on top of that, my heart rate, non-resting because I was out and about running errands was a pretty low 53. I want to particularly thank Coach Wayne and CrossFit Hays for showing me that it takes nothing more than dedication to a healthy and active lifestyle to stay healthy and happy. Walking into that gym and meeting Coach Wayne was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thanks Wayne!!!